Karaca Yurtdışı FRANCHISE Sistemi


KARACA a centennial retail company in Turkey known with its best quality products and service and emotional bounds with its customers develops strategic partnerships with leading companies those that have strong business background and vast experience in fashion and retail industry both in local and global emerging markets where high level of business opportunities are available. Strategic partnerships are established in accordance with the previously set business targets and strategies.

KARACA as a prestigious retail brand has shown a rapid development under a strong knitwear producer and exporter of Narin Group established in 1993. KARACA has increased its store number to 85 in 2013 aims to achieve 150 store in 2017 in Turkey and 50 stores in its global operations.

KARACA has initially started its operations in Scandinavian market and opened its first store in Oslo Norway in 2013 and is higly ambitious for quickly expanding its business not only in the Scandinavia but also in EUROPE, CIS, AFRICA, MEA and in NORTH AMERICA.

Franchising applications submitted to our Company are evaluated according to KARACA's export retail criteria including but not limited to the potential of the candidates, locations and aimed market themselves.

KARACA continues to carry out its business with full competency, commitment to create a presence and extend its brand in global markets by always standing behind entrepreneurs and providing support and business know-how to its entrepreneurs- franchisees without claiming royalties for the use of its brand.

Key Eligibility and Selection Criterias:

  • To have experience in retailing, own or run a retail company operating in ready-to-wear clothing sector,
  • Potential to rent stores in premium locations in the relevant territory,
  • To have a sound financial standing to afford a long term strategic orientation and strategic alliance and an organizational structure that supports the development and growth of the Company.

Overseas Franchise Location Criterias:

  • Store should be located in a residential area with a population of at least 250.000 inhabitants
  • Store size to determined by taking the population of the residential area into account and the gross floor area of a store must be at least 250 square meters or more gross space and a warehouse area least %10 of that space.
  • No products or brands other than KARACA branded products are allowed to be sold in the store
  • The shop window must be minimum 8 meters in length and ceiling heaight must be at least 3,2 meters.
  • Guaranteed minimum purchase of 25 pieces of products per square meter and opening of the store with the maximum range of products.
  • Harmoniousness to the corporate identity and retailing operations of KARACA.
  • Development of stores in compliance with the projects approved by the store design and decoration department

Store Investment Cost:

  • Approximate decoration cost for foreign countries is 1000 $/sqm.(for 250-300 sqm stores)

The retailing equipments determined in accordance with the square meter of the store (hangers, mannequins, information processing system and etc.) are not included within the above mentioned amount.

Participation Fee:

  • The stock volume of the store is determined in accordance with the product cycle speed, size of the investment and the special conditions of the location.
  • The payment type and term conditions would be set according to the size of the business and target market..
  • Submitting a Bank Letter of Guarantee

The above mentioned commercial conditions vary from country to country.

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